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About Diane

Diane Stoddart, Planning Specialist Certified in LTC, has been helping families to plan for the financial exposure of an extended life since 1992.  

In 1996, Diane moved from Illinois to Florida to help her grandparents through Alzheimer’s. She saw first-hand the enormous impact of not having a plan in place. As a result of that experience, her passion is to educate and advise her clients so that they won’t have to face a financial crisis while in the midst of a health crisis, as her family did.

Diane and her husband, Paul, bought their long term care policies at age 35. At 40, she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. By the grace of God, she has no symptoms or troubles with the disease. She is, however, uninsurable and is so grateful that she was led to plan early.

Diane will help you design a customized plan to meet your family’s unique needs, considering multiple top-rated insurance carriers. She is an expert at helping families plan ahead to protect themselves from financial, physical and emotional devastation brought to families when long term care is needed.

Diane works in all 50 states to help her clients plan today to be able to live at home later, when they need help living.